Bill Martin’s Guide to Oil Painting

There is a lot of  videos on YouTube claiming to  show you how to paint this and that. When in fact they are  just  sped-up painting demos, where all you see is the artist hands blurring away at the canvas. Now, you tell me how are you suppose to learn from that? Those videos are a waste of time and they do not teach you anything. They are pretty to look at though, but lack any substance.  However, now and then you come across a few gems, like Bill Martin’s Guide to Oil Painting. Jack Pot!

Bill Martin’s YouTube channel  has 4 to 7 minute video clips on his approach to oil painting.  He  goes over the basics,  shapes, contrast, value, and the  color wheel. He then walks you through a complete still life painting , from preliminary sketch to refining and finalizing the painting.

I know what I am going to be binge watching over the weekend. 🙂

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