Figure Sketch

Figure drawing
figure sketching practice

This was about a 3 hour figure sketch, multiple sittings.  I chose this particular figure to draw because of its expressiveness.  The model legs spread apart,  a slight lean in the torso, and the right elbow resting on his right leg conveyed power, stability and boldness.  I wanted to capture all these intangibles in my drawing. I believe I accomplished what I set out to do, but of-course there are always room for improvements.  For example, the proportion and perspectives are slightly off.  The lights and shadows values are to close; I could have pushed the darks a little bit more to separate them more from the lights.  Well, now I know what to improve on for my next figure sketch.  Feedback is always appreciate, so let me know what you guys think.

Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima

“For all practical purposes, however, the reliable colors we do have are quite enough for any artistic statement because the success or failure of a work does not turn on precisely duplicating nature, nor does it depend on the quality of our materials. It is our aesthetic vision and skill that matter.”

–Richard Schmid


Croquis Cafe Figure Drawing

Happened to stumble upon the Croquis Cafe Figure Drawing Resource, a YouTube channel that has figure drawing sessions recorded in real time. Poses are timed for 1, 2, and 5 minute periods.

Curtney Jacobs - Gesture Drawing
Curtney Jacobs – Gesture Drawing

This was a 1 minute gesture drawing that I came back to and refined. I added some tone to it.  The pose is not as dynamic as it once was; the lines are stiffer, but I am pleased with it. Still need more practice in retaining as much as possible the original dynamic gesture.