Cambodian Child Study

Greetings everyone!

Okay, this is an oldie but just what I need as a refresher – sharpen my color mixing of lighter skin tones. I started this painting several months ago. I took a break from it, but for various reasons I never got back to it. I think I may have some footage (twitch live stream) of me painting. I’ll have to dig through my folders to confirm, but if I do I’ll post it.

The reference is from pixabay. I highly recommend pixabay for ideas/inspiration. I was looking for exotic landscapes to paint, something in the eastern part of the world when I stumble upon this adorable picture of a Cambodian child. Instantly, I knew I had to do a painting of this child. (See the inline links for the reference.)

I won’t stay faithful to the reference, as usual, I always diverge a little. I have cropped the image, really focusing on his/hers features. Originally, I was going for highly representational painting, but this time around I think I might do things differently. I guess we’ll see!

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