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Figure Study Progression

Figure Study Progression
Figure Study Progression


Figure study. Graphite on smooth newsprint.  The reference was taken from a 1950s Russian training art manual. In it was a number of drawing plates to copy from. In this particular study I started with an “envelope”,  a few gesture lines delineating the overall height and with of the figure.  I then proceed to do the initial blocking.  In my blocking stage I map out the shadow areas, in addition to developing the contour lines. Each step thereafter was just refinements. Also, this time around I decided to draw bottom-up instead of top-down.  It wasn’t too  bad doing things in reverse order.

I used a HB graphite pencil for the initial blocking and 4B pencil for the shading. Even with the HB pencil I still find I go too dark in the early stages of the drawing. I find myself pressing hard with the pencil, when I should just switch to a softer pencil to get a darker tone. To be honest, I am always pressing hard, regardless of the hardness of the pencils. 🙁 Suggestions?

My shading and edges still need some more work, though. Proportions were off.  However, overall I am pleased with this study.  Onto the next!

Ruben’s St. Sebastian Study

Old masters's Copy
Old master’s Copy


Charcoal, White Chalk and Graphite on watercolor paper.

I have been working on this study on and off for a while now. Decided to come back to it today for about 30 minutes.  I swear I have redrawn that head at least six times! The only part that is drawn in graphite is the head, which  I did today, again. 🙁

Figure Sketch

Figure drawing
figure sketching practice

This was about a 3 hour figure sketch, multiple sittings.  I chose this particular figure to draw because of its expressiveness.  The model legs spread apart,  a slight lean in the torso, and the right elbow resting on his right leg conveyed power, stability and boldness.  I wanted to capture all these intangibles in my drawing. I believe I accomplished what I set out to do, but of-course there are always room for improvements.  For example, the proportion and perspectives are slightly off.  The lights and shadows values are to close; I could have pushed the darks a little bit more to separate them more from the lights.  Well, now I know what to improve on for my next figure sketch.  Feedback is always appreciate, so let me know what you guys think.