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Painting Technique

Burnt Umber Underpainting


UnderpaintingGreetings everyone! The purpose of this study was to get familiar with oils, understanding its nuances. I did not do any preparatory drawing, just took my brush and burnt umber and started sketching. Earth pigments tends to dry fairly quickly, and Burnt Umber is no exception. By the next day I was ready start another layer of painting. Since this was a short study, I did only two layers, thinly. My goal is to post more of my burnt umber underpaintings. Any feedback/comments/ suggestions are appreciated. Until next time, then.

Ron Lemen’s Figure Rendering

Ron Lemen’s Figure rendering process.  A very analytical approach to understanding figure abstraction, construction, and rendering.

There are four videos in the series.

The first video discusses the “Armature Stage”, which  basically is capturing the gesture of the figure in a loose manner: “Loose and lively in the line work”. The most important take away for me in the first video was when drawing from reference photograph we have to know where the camera is in our reference, our  camera level as oppose to our eye level sitting or standing in a classroom or studio.

The second and third video discusses surface form rendering. The topics discussed were: Edges of shadow and light and the gradient transitions that links them, value contrast, and tonal progression (vertical and horizontal gradient)

The fourth video just recaps what he went over in the previous videos.

Munsell Neutral Value Gray Scale

Munsell Gray Scale
Munsell Gray Scale

In the process of painting Munsell Neutral Value Gray Scale for my planes of the head study. I created the craft spoon neutrals a year ago, using my mixture of Burnt Umber, Ivory black, and Titanium White. I completed the long vertical strips yesterday using Williamsburg Neutral Gray oil paint values 2, 4, 6, 8. I mixed the intermediate values 3, 5, and 7. My neutral gray mixtures (craft spoons) compared to Williamsburg’s Neutral Gray were pretty darn close and in some cases they were identical,  or at least I could not detect any difference in values with my own eyes.